Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs Tallahassee shares free food the third Sunday of the month at 12noon at Carter Howell Strong Park (between W Georgia St, N Copeland St, W Virginia St, and Dewey St). This includes a hot vegan meal as well as fresh produce, canned goods, toiletries, clothes, and other items, always free.

All are welcome to eat and take food, sober or otherwise.  There is no means testing, no information asked or collected, and no prerequisites of any kind.  Food is a right, not a privilege.  We practice solidarity, not charity.

Food Not Bombs has over a thousand autonomous chapters around the world sharing free food with hungry people while protesting war, poverty, racism, and all forms of social injustice.

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Animal Liberation and Social Revolution, by Brian Dominick

Cooking up Non-violent Civil-disobedient Direct Action for the Hungry: ‘Food Not Bombs’ and the Resurgence of Radical Democracy in the US by Nik Heynen [behind paywall; email me for the full article for free]

Food Not Bombs: What to Know About the Free Meal Collective, by Elizabeth King

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